Question: if you have a large dataset and want to turn it into an API where developers can call to query it and you can charge them for such access, is there a "standard" easy way to do this?
The fantasy would be along the lines of "here's the DB name and here's a CSV file, go make me a: dev portal / signup / billing / usage dashboard with auto payment integration / API key management / code samples in multiple languages"

On the World Cup: why wouldn't you put a few hundred fixed cameras around the field to do a full light field capture so the game could have a fully repositionable virtual camera?

In case you don’t believe the same equations govern #motion in the #atmosphere and the #ocean.

Video by Tristan Heth in Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain.

@kwf "there's stuff I am seeing that I don't want to see"

@troutgirl wait what? I many questions about this.

1. On *impact* we could think about how quickly a pull request lands on master, how long it takes a new dev to start landing commits, how quickly tickets get closed after being claimed.

2. On *investment* we could look at dollars and time spent on DevEx as a proportion of engineers at the company.

Finally we could subjectively measure dev sentiment on experience (CSAT) to see if the work is being qualitatively felt.

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I suspect that one of the most powerful points of leverage for any tech company - in a downturn or no - is excellent developer experience.

Great dev tooling makes it a joy to work on a codebase, increases the speed at which new hires can become effective, and increases retention. This means the company can execute faster and adapt more quickly, too.

That means we should think about objective metrics to measure DevEx by both impact and investment. (to be continued)

Pictures of smiling man looking at the camera to compare photo quality 

I've been using the Continuity Camera for the last week (thanks to a $20 piece of plastic from Amazon) and the difference between the iPhone's camera and the laptop's is unsurprisingly profound for video calls.

It turns out the best way to do AI prompt engineering is with AI, surprise!

@sumit Neat, but I think trying to sell hardware would probably be the awkward/hard bit vs just getting someone to pull an old computer out of their closet, no?

What's your read on why they didn't make it?

I made an AI image of "Darth Vader as a construction worker" and I can't stop laughing how it made his helmet into a hard hat.

@jwildeboer 424 Failed Dependency HTTP error trying to follow that link?

@sumit I'm still trying to figure out what parts get cached/retained by other servers in the fediverse in the event of a server outage/reversion to earlier state, like what just happened to me.

@Rycaut Totally - this is a use case the UniFi Protect cameras + UniFi Dream Machine solve pretty well for prosumers.

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