Welp, that was a little rough. My Mastodon install at DigitalOcean ate itself after I tried upgrading to the latest Ubuntu distro (kernel panic on boot!). So I did a restore but I lost the last 48h of posts and follows. Ah well. I'll have to figure out a better backup/snapshot strategy!

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@david Do you lose the posts you are subscribed to (leaving a void in your timeline)? Or do you only lose your own posts?

Still figuring out how ActivityPub works, but it seems like your posts also somehow end up getting copied/cached on the servers others are subscribing to you from.

I can still see your previous posts for instance.

@sumit I'm still trying to figure out what parts get cached/retained by other servers in the fediverse in the event of a server outage/reversion to earlier state, like what just happened to me.

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